Beautiful Memories
Listening is our best tool 
After 20 years in the business, AP Photo & Video is well respected in the industry. When digital photography hit the market, we were among the first to make the switch from film to digital. We realized that there was no longer the cost involved in buying medium format film, processing it, developing it, then printing proofs. We understood that we could pass those savings onto our clients and launched Affordable Pro Photo & Video.
We personally train each of our photographers and videographers to shoot the same style and quality to produce a consistent formula for success. We teach them the creative posing and lighting techniques that you see in our sample gallery. With direction and guidance, our staff is now amongst the best in the South Florida.
We look for three things from our people:
 1. Technical and artistic abilities in the top 10% in our service area
 2. Great managers of time and situations
 3. Personable and attentive 
The concept is simple... Give our client a high-end product at an affordable price,  provide excellent customer service and a friendly, knowledgeable staff,  With today’s economy, clients are looking for more cost-effective pricing, but are insisting on the same quality as a high-end photographer or videographer. This is EXACTLY what we are all about! Welcome to Affordable Pro Photo & Video!